Thigh high boots obsession

Photos: Paula Itto



Hope everyone has had an amazing week so far, well the weekend is here and I can’t help but reminisce about my London holiday, which I had an amazing time by the way.

Well am back to South Sudan, and Juba to be specific. The heat is overwhelming, oven hot, luckily for the last couple of days the weather has been a bit favorable with drops of rain here and there, and am super excited because I get to pull out some of my outfits that have been lazing in my wardrobe.

Well lately I’ve been super obsessed with over the knee,thigh-highs call them what you will, these boots just gives you the innate goddess power and sexiness while feeling classy and stylish, and as you strut it, nothing boosts a girls confidence and puts sass in her step more than a thigh high boots.

Arguably thigh high are synonymous with cooler weather, but does that mean we can’t wear them in a warmer weather? Well we are resigned to the fact that Juba’s oven like weather doesn’t permit us to rock some stuff like this, but eh! With any chance of change in weather like today’s, I had to wake up with a little extra pep in my step and take a fashion risk and wear my thigh high boots with a pair of short, you see, what really makes this style work with warmer weather is the tasteful flashing of flesh, the short isn’t cut off too high up and the thigh high boots are on the extra long side completing the outfit look.

Well beautiful people that’s it for today, until next week. Much love.

Outfit Details

Shorts: WoolWorth

Shirt: LC Waikiki

Boots: Ego

Trench coat: LC Waikiki

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