Happiness amidst crisis

Hallo beautiful people, my sincere apologies for the long silence, been held up in the field and couldn’t access internet. Oh yes where I come from, we don’t enjoy the luxury of internet all over the country, many towns and villages don’t have access to internet leave alone electricity and telephones networks, now you can imagine working in places like those, but eh I love it, I love working with people, listening to their stories, and getting inspired by it, it completes me and makes me understand the meaning of life and living it worthwhile. Because of this I always find away to be happy, thank God of my existence and live my life the best way I know how.

You see, in places where fighting is fiercest life becomes meaningless, in my country we are faced with perpetual war, we forget to dream, we forget to plan, we forget what the future holds and survival becomes the ultimate goal.

Others give up, while others still hold on to faith, hoping one day this senseless recurrent political, economical and social war will come to an end and hope will be restored, so that we can dream again, develop our careers, raise families and live happily ever after.

Well am still clinging to that last straw of hope, praying that my country will be peaceful one day. But till then, I have learned to recreate happiness, I decided to relish life as I live it, finding joy and happiness in the journey, while others call it YOLO; I love to call it finding purpose amidst crisis. Same way the media focus on the negative dimensions of South Sudan, I want to share the positives, the beauty of South Sudan, the little things that keeps us going. People ask me how is like to party with security checks all over the roads at night, I smile and say we don’t fear guns no more lol.

So last weekend as my usual routine of treating myself from tedious work in the field, I opted for a special day in ROYAL PALACE HOTEL. Ranked among the best in Juba town, you are sure to enjoy a royal class treatment during your stay. Situated few meters from the river Nile and approximately 15mins drive from the airport; it just a place worth visiting. If you love sports, Royal Palace is just a 4mins drive from Juba National stadium, just making it a popular area around.

A long standing tradition at this hotel is its Sunday brunch which is served from 12-3pm, complimentary services included with the stay is free WiFi, Spa, Gym and swimming pool. The hotel rooms comes with work-desk, DSTV, WiFi, and spacious work area making it just the perfect place to be when on holiday or business trip.

I did enjoy myself and got rejuvenated,got out full of energy and ready to horn on with my daily work.

So this is a place I could recommend to anyone seeking a peace of mind and total relaxation.

I’ll end it here till next time, spread peace and live life to the fullest. Love y’all.

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