Breaking the chains


You see, I love to compare life as living in a bubble, everyone in their own bubbles, too many bubbles in the whole wide world defined by different sets of rules, norms, values and beliefs brought about by social constructivism.One is set to believe they have the freedom to make personal choices and decisions, but in reality we are tied up or rather pinned down by these social rules, norms, values and beliefs; and our choices and decisions are reflected based on these social construct, so remember next time you tell someone ‘I have the freedom to do whatever i like’ ofcourse you do darling lol, but you know what my darling i bet your decisions will be set based on social factors such as family, Religion, economics(This is interesting considering our situation now,here telling me i can’t go to Munuki kalam mosalat lol letme zip it), education etc . This right here is social control.Huh! That was a long Intro, so whats my point here people, The point is- Do i lose my image, identity dignity if i defy these norms? if i make my choices based on my personal character or rather personality will i be labelled as a disrespectful person? an outcast? a rebel?. Dont get me wrong. Ill take an example of a woman, am not saying men are not marginalized eh its just an example, i am a woman, i am expected to behave, dress, talk and even sit in a certain manner based on my culture or religion. A good woman shouldnt raise her voice to a man,so i hear. where is the freedom here, who sets this rules duh social construct that we are born into without questioning it. I hear quotes like “A wise woman puts a grain of sugar into everything she says to a man, and takes a grain of salt with everything he says to her” See this sorcery! But why? Doesnt she has emotions to get hurt? or she posses a heart of steel? Myself, i tried taking everything in life with a grain of salt, but after using upto two bags of salt i gave up.oh yeah, my bad, i forgot the hashtags ‘Strength of a woman’ ‘Behind every successful man is a woman’ ‘Women are the backbone of the family’ bluh bluh bluh. These are words used to sympathize with women and keep them going without questioning why they are in that position. When one women stands up or want to break this norms and chains she is labelled very many things by uncultured men and women, given names that can send them straight to their graves, their image tarnished. letme leave it here, One minute of silence and hats down for brave women and men who stood their ground but society took them down…So my people, i am not a feminist nor an activist, i just have wild imaginations and put it down in writing. I would love to see a society in which people aren’t judged based on class, religion, gender nor culture. I would love everybody to embrace opportunity, go for it, whether a man or a woman, muslim or Christian, rich or poor but given equal chances without discrimination brought about by social construct.

Enjoy a chain free day y’all 💪🏽

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