Hallo there, Welcome to my blog, My name is Chichi Loki, a South Sudanese native, currently working on a project on “Economic Empowerment of women and men through practical vocational skills training in Micro and small enterprises” I love working with these groups mostly in the rural areas, their stories and experiences on conflict and living as Internally displaced people (IDPs) has humbled me and made me appreciate life and think; am I just living life or living life right? And since then, I embarked on the journey of finding my inner peace, joy and freedom to appreciate what I have, live life to the fullest and keep exploring.

I am passionate about new experiences, travels, fashion and lifestyle and of course my love for community outreach. So why the zeal and love for fashion, travel and lifestyle amidst a country with recurrent economic and political conflict ? It heals my soul, refreshes my mind and keeps me in balance with my existence. Am just a girl that needs to gasp air and escape to moments that will make me smile again, believe in the magic of living life, away from sounds of gunshots, away from people bouncing off each other, away from queuing hours and days for petrol in gas stations, cars being broken into, thugs stealing at gunpoints, old and young flooding the streets in search of coins to help put food in their stomachs, away from police checks at night.


I want to experience the beauty my country and what the world has to offer even amidst the crisis, I want to cool down and dine in a lavish and local restaurants and drink it down with a fine glass of wine, and look up to God and say, thank you! I have lived to see this day, experience the beauty of the universe and live life to the fullest. Most of all to have inspired a soul out there, to live up to their dream, to be fierce and unapologetically themselves, a woman that goes beyond the stereotypes the society infringes on her, based on religion or culture, that she isn’t allowed to dress, talk, sit or travel at her on will. But in herself, she knows she hasn’t done anything wrong but living her life in the best way she knows how. She seeks happiness, she seeks freedom and she will break away and fly. I celebrate you in advance.